Lintel Repair Chicago

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Lintels, also known as angle irons, play a crucial role in masonry structures by bridging gaps around windows and doorways. These horizontal supports ensure the strength and integrity of your building, preventing potential collapse, mortar joint deterioration, and structural weakening.

At Magic Masonry, we understand the importance of maintaining sturdy lintels. Our skilled team specializes in top-notch lintel repair and and lintel replacement near me Chicago services. With just one call, you can rely on our experts to address any issues with drooping lintels, gaps between metal and masonry, or missing flashing on your windows and doors. Experience exceptional workmanship and unmatched lintel replacement Chicago services by contacting Magic Masonry today. Whether it’s a window lintel repair near me or garage lintel repair near me, your satisfaction is our priority!

Different Types of Lintels

Lintels are an important structural part of all buildings, they range from concrete and metal to stone and brick in older buildings. Always remember, regardless of the material, they can fail requiring lintel repair near me Chicago service for your home's safety.

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