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Frequently Asked Masonry Questions

Masonry construction encompasses a wide range of projects, from simple mortar replacement to structural reinforcement and complete wall builds. Our expertise extends to brickwork, blockwork, additions, fireplaces, chimneys, and more.
Absolutely. If your chimney is broken, it poses a severe safety risk. We offer prompt repair services, including fixing the chimney crown. Our team ensures structural integrity and safeguards your chimney from further damage.

Choosing masonry construction offers numerous advantages. It enhances property value, provides structural stability, and offers a range of benefits. Contact our knowledgeable team to discover even more advantages tailored to your specific needs.

We strive to find the perfect match for existing bricks when repairing damaged areas. While some bricks may no longer be in production, we consider factors like shape, size, color, and texture to achieve the closest possible match.
Fireplace construction requires fire-rated bricks specifically designed for high heat resistance. Fire bricks, made of fire clay and other heat-resistant ingredients, radiate heat effectively and ensure safety in the surrounding area.
A well-done repointing job can last between 50 and 100 years. However, poor craftsmanship may require more frequent repointing. Allow us to assess your situation and provide expert advice on whether repointing is needed.

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